• Endurance Fitness

    Join our group of endurance cyclists and runners to take your fitness to the next level.

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    Your personal coach is on hand to answer questions and guide you on your journey.

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    Learn and share with your online community via workshops, hangouts and group events.

Endurance Fitness

Our EBR Club training community fits between an off-the-shelf training plan and one-to-one coaching, with the added benefit of being a member of your dynamic training community. 

Our online community provides the benefits of a running or cycling club with a training plan and expert coaches providing dedicated support as you progress towards your goals.

  • Follow your training plan created by our expert coaches. The plan is loaded to your TrainingPeaks account each month with guidelines on how to make it your own. 
  • Be part of a community. Once you join Ultra-Fit, you are one of dozens of other cyclists and runners working toward similar goals. Discuss training, equipment, events, performance, and more in our interactive workshops,  groups and web forums. 
  • Get your questions answered by your dedicated coach during your quarterly one to one meetings, unlimited email support or post it to the community.
  • Have a question about a workout, equipment, or event? Looking for some general answers? All you need to do is post in the group, and our coaches will answer. You'll also get thoughts and feedback from the other members.
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Who is it for?

EBR Club is for any endurance cyclist or runner that is wanting to get fitter, build endurance and get faster. We have dedicated running and cycling plans that work for both on and off-road events.

Our plans are specifically developed for the community and our expert coaching team will help you train perfectly according to your fitness and needs.

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