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Dragon's Back Training Plan - ADVANCED - 39 Weeks - Trail Running

Dragon's Back Training Plan - ADVANCED - 39 Weeks - Trail Running

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This plan is designed specifically for The Dragon's Back, a multi-day adventure race thought to be one of the most challenging races of its kind.

It takes place over 6 days, is 380km in length and includes 17,400m of climb, taking in some of the beautiful landscape of Wales along with some of its most challenging terrain.

Whilst this plan is designed for those who may need to regain some running fitness, some running, racing and navigation experience is assumed. The race itself requires you to have experience of all these elements to complete it.


  • For intermediate runners starting a new season of training or with some running experience
  • Navigational skills are assumed
  • Designed but not exclusively for those who train to Rate of Perceived Exertion
  • Introductory pack included with the plan
  • Longest training session is 9 hours 30 minutes
  • A maximum of 5 running sessions each week and strength sessions suggested on 1-2 days


This is an intermediate to advanced plan

You need to be an experienced runner to begin this programme; whilst there is a long base period, you really need to have done some running relatively recently. It starts with 4.5 hours of training in the first week and assumes you have a strength and conditioning programme that you follow twice per week.

There are two days off planned each week: Monday and Thursday.

It is based on Rate of Perceived Exertion zones, but can be adapted for those who wish to use a heart rate monitor/power meter.

If you are not sure about training zones and would like to know more before you buy you can check out this blog created by John: What does a heart rate monitor tell you?

  • Weeks 1- 19 work on endurance as well as up-hill running strength
  • Weeks 20 - 37 work on up hill endurance and give suggestions of how you can familiarise yourself with the demands of the race and its terrain
  • The taper starts at week 37

The plan is based on 3 week cycles (2 weeks hard and one week easy).

If you are interested in this programme but not sure if it is the right one for you please don’t hesitate to contact me at email Clare.

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